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Welcome to the most elegant and informative golf website on the Internet covering the entirety of the Connecticut River Valley,

Our readership supplies an excellent audience to market to. The affluence enjoyed by the average golfer is no secret, so you’ll have a demographic delivered to you with considerable discretionary income. All our readers need to know is that you’re nearby and which comforts you offer to round out their day or which products you offer that appeal to their interests.

In addition to providing fact pacts, photos, and descriptive prose about courses from southern Connecticut on up to Vermont and New Hampshire — and indeed, all of New England — CTRiverGolf invites our readers to participate on the site, with poll questions, comment boards, and even a “guess where you are” feature centered around particular golf holes.

But we feel that there is much more to the experience of a game of golf then, well, a game of golf. Therefore, we have provided suggestions for activities that will appeal to players pre- and post-round.

Among these are places to retreat to for highly-acclaimed local brews, roadside ice cream shops within a short distance of the course, and even watering holes of a different kind – the ones where you don swim trunks to cool off after swinging a club all day under an excruciating hot sun. And, naturally, restaurants that are within a short drive and boast strong reputations figure prominently on our list of suggested extracurricular destinations.

At CTRiverGolf we offer terrific exposure for your business. There are numerous spots on our site where you can tailor your advertising to correspond very specifically to golfers based on geography, or in a more encompassing way if you have goods or services which transcend simple proximity to a golf course.

From an omnipotent position on our home page to a prized spot alongside a particular golf course’s profile, we offer comprehensive options for highly visible marketing. You’ll find that whatever your budget or marketing ambitions, opportunities abound to make a strong impact on this very select demographic.

All it takes is for you to be discovered that first time. From there, if the fit is right, you might have a customer for life.