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Omni Amelia Island Plantation

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Fernandina Beach, FL

When the notion of dreamy Florida escapes enters a migrating northerner’s mind, Jacksonville generally is kept at a safe remove from serious consideration. Though it is Florida’s largest city and is enjoying a fairly high profile nationally due to an NFL franchise and a prominent jazz festival, “Actionville” it is not. » More

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa

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Galena, IL

What’s wrong with this sentence? There is a beautiful golf resort high in the hills of Illinois. Actually, nothing. Even more confounding, this strikingly hilly Midwestern landscape occupies the boundary between Illinois and . . . Iowa. And it proves just how wrong my Long Island high school buddy was when he » More

Fripp Island Resort

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Fripp Island, S.C.

If you draw a blank when someone tells you they are heading for Fripp Island, South Carolina, you probably aren’t alone. Take for instance Rand McNally’s cartographers. They seem quite unaware that there is a road, albeit only one, leading to this remote barrier island. It is with some irony then » More

Grand Cypress Resort

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Orlando, FL

There’s a theme park in Orlando for adults and it’s on a golf course. It’s a bumpy ride from tee to green at the Grand Cypress Resort’s New Course in Lake Buena Vista. Hop on board and zigzag your way around 143 bunkers; up, down and through a bewildering collection of swales » More

Sawmill Creek Resort

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Huron, OH

Sacks and clubs and rock and roll. If this is all your brain and body need, then you can scour the country for vacation sites, but you won’t do better than a trip to the comeback city of Cleveland, Ohio. The sacks are frequently jammed with Indians and the seats with Tribe » More

Sugarloaf Golf Club

By | 2016-10-17T15:19:06+00:00 February 17th, 2016|You're Away|

Carrabassett Valley, Me.

A warning, however. This is not the down east Maine of lobster boats, craggy coasts and precious art towns. Leave that for another vacation. Perched high in the mountains and high on the map of Maine your destination is the ski / golf resort called Sugarloaf USA. You have to earn » More

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