Quail Hollow Golf And Country Club

1822 Old Turnpike Road, Oakham, Ma.

Quail-Hollow-Golf-And-Country-Club-Hole-No.15,2 (3)

Architect: Phillip Wogan

Terrain: Jurassic-Era Mountainside / Verdant Valley

Type of Course: Semi-Private

Driving Range: Yes

Year Opened: 1990

Green Fee: flag in hole

Par: 70

Lodging: No

Tel: 508-882-5516

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Diamonds from the Rough

Short, but doesn’t play like it for a minute

You’ll be amazed at how many fairways you don’t hit

Valley holes reward you greatly if you can play a nice draw off the tee

It’s tight and if you are too, you might be hitting from some funny places

If you walk, it might be the best 18 bucks you’ve spent since your 1975 cable bill

18th hole is as good a short, straight par 4 finisher as you’ll find, but I’ll say no more – seeing is believing

To paraphrase George Harrison, please don’t be long, please don’t you be very long, or you might be in it deep

If you want to call this a tricked-up course, you’ll need to acknowledge the trickery is all Mother Nature’s

Front-to-back green on the par 5 5th can cause utter mayhem when the flag is in the back

Scorecard diagram for the 10th hole does nothing to unravel its mysteries

Conditions are fine when you allow for the rugged topography

Par 5 16th is teeming with hidden aspirants for your ball

Old-time golf on a fascinating piece of land


Tee Station Yardage Slope Par Rating
Blue 5809 123 68.6
White 5439 120 67.0
Red 4441 120 68.9

Beyond The White Stakes

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Native William Hartwell Haskell, Mid-19th century Dentist

You’re Right On Course

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