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Golfers love to scout potential courses before selecting a new venue to play. Although the internet has many sites geared to supplying information about layouts, none provide the emphasis on course design that is the hallmark of

Virtually all other websites are set up to handle reservations, report on course conditions, allow golfers to vent their spleen about wait times, etc. But CTRiverGolf strongly feels that a different approach is in order. With the game struggling to retain its appeal as a recreational and competitive activity, many of these other sites don’t help the cause, as there’s a tendency to fixate on the negative.

CTRiverGolf, however, feels that all that is so exciting about our sport often gets lost in this shuffle. By contrast, our website celebrates the glory of the game – and specifically the joy of playing a variety of courses.

Our site orients itself around capturing the vividness of all the layouts available to the public golfer. No other sport brings this element alive like golf does. And it’s our great pleasure to demonstrate this through description that is as chatty as it is analytical.

But, of course, it is pictures that can claim up to a thousand unspoken words at a time as the old saying sort of goes. And this is as central an aspect of CTRiverGolf as the verbal discussions are.

We present to our readers – and your potential customers – large, carefully framed photographs of your most visually striking and smartly designed holes, while accompanying these peeks inside your course with commentary on what makes them so distinctive.

CTRiverGolf is also very mindful that golfers are an expressive lot about their passion, so we provide multiple opportunities to air their opinions and feedback on questions we present. This interactivity encourages players to return to the site repeatedly – to engage in conversation with other golfers or simply to gaze at our striking photography and sharply-presented course reports.

CTRiverGolf will capture the attention of players new to your course as well as jog the memories of those who haven’t dropped by for a while. Each represents a category of golfers that can lead to added foursomes – or added outings.