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I’ve been playing golf more or less unsuccessfully since 1970, when, on the day Pete Rose notoriously bowled over Ray Fosse in baseball’s All-Star game, I similarly took my wrecking ball to the El Conquistador Resort Course in Puerto Rico at the age of 10. The carnage has only occasionally relented since. But as is usually the case with unrequited love, the failures only inflamed the passions.

I collected all my scorecards in a shoebox. And though the contents were in every way less valuable than my baseball card collection, somehow they all survived through the years. From these documents of consistent mediocrity and once-in-a-great-while glory, this site emerges.

Each course I’ve ever played is represented here, with at the very least an informative little profile, and at its most ambitious, lengthy hole-by-hole examinations of layouts, punctuated by my photography.

First and foremost, the reports are about a lifelong golfer’s love of the game. Running a close second is a keen examination of the golf environment surrounding you when you step up to the first tee – and all those beyond.

So what exactly is this section of the website and why is it called Lying Zero? I chose this name because I want to encourage frank discussion about courses, while staying faithful to the theme of the site, which is reflecting on the design merits and shortcomings of the courses we play. But this is also a place where we’re at liberty to discuss some of our great escapades on the golf course. Sink a hole-in-one today? Let’s hear about where and what club you used and the yardage. Hit three straight in the water? Why don’t you let us know about that devilish hole which kept talking you into Neptune’s grip? You’re also encouraged to post photos to illustrate your adventures on the links.

Please also feel free to contribute any manifestoes you might like to share about the game of golf on this forum. The sport seems to have reached some sort of inter-generational crossroads. Perhaps, if we summon our resources, we can figure out a way to all abide by the same compass and prosper in doing so.

So Lying Zero reflects two imperatives: Speaking candidly about your relationship with the game of golf (no lying!) and also providing a “dealer’s choice” type environment where we’re free to weigh in on all topics about the sport, whether about ourselves, the pros, the courses we play, the equipment we use, or the resorts we visit.

You have removed the ball from your pocket and you have teed it up. You are lying zero.

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