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Recommended Viewing

Reviews mostly focus on the New York metro area and Florida and are highly selective rather than comprehensive. But the writing is crisp, the insights sharp and the presentation very clean. Content adheres to a strict set-up with pre-defined categories. Opportunities for readers to respond.

What does Bill James have to do with golf? Nothing that I’m aware of. But his Baseball Abstracts produced sportswriting that was as entertaining as it was analytical. That’s a combination I’m shooting for here. Another great sports journalist Tom Boswell once wrote about golf, “The smaller the ball, the better the writing.” I immediately wondered how that could be when I heard it, since I was a strict four major-sports guy. But now that I’ve tried my hand at it, he’s right. It’s an intensely personal sport in a way that the others aren’t. And since as writers we’re encouraged to write about what we know, well, there’s nothing we could possibly know better than ourselves.

Definitive go-to source for up-to-date reports on restaurants as well as places of interest proximate to golf courses

A lot like TripAdvisor, but without as much attention paid to design and organization of comments and relevant data

If you type the word “Mill” in its search engine, you’ll get 187 results. Another site with great breadth and little depth.

Excellent place to book a round online. No great effort to put forth a killer site beyond this and the player comment sections for each course, which can run on for pages.

Exhaustively inclusive directory of courses public and private with not much in the way of editorial input, but opportunities for anyone and their uncle to post an opinion.

The site, sadly, is far from inviting. But the Places to Play book, which had a nice six-volume run, made this enterprise possible with its incredibly comprehensive and well-edited capsules of courses across the Americas. It was nothing short of a bible for travelling golfers.

Photography-intensive site geared toward high-end and famous clubs, many of which the public never gets to see. The reviews are in-depth and very well organized.

The great on-line, crowd-sourced encyclopedia. Proved extremely useful in tracking down natives from locations with golf courses.

If there’s a swimming hole, chances are good it’s been reported to this site. Descriptions of the quality of the swimming, directions to the site, and maps showing swim spots combine to make this an indispensable resource for the aquatically-inclined.

All things beer, with user ratings of microbrew purveyors to discussion forums, though they’ve all gone a little flat recently.

Terrific resource for locating brewpubs and microbreweries nationwide.

Exceptionally comprehensive site covering all aspects of the game from course reviews to equipment surveys.

Excellent locator of freshwater beaches throughout the six New England states.

A guide to current course conditions for courses in the Pacific Time Zone, as well as Florida.

Professional golf writer highlights high-end golf destinations and resorts.

Very useful survey of lakes throughout the U.S., with an odd predilection for including those which were created by dams. Still, what the site lacks in versatility, it compensates nicely for with vivid and thorough descriptions of the lakes it does report on.

Superior locator of all swimming spots located within Connecticut’s state park system. Excellent photography and descriptive prose about each park.

Classic WordPress blog format. Mostly stream of consciousness observations about the game, with course reviews mixed in. Good links to other blogs and personal golf web sites.

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A bunch of hard-working folks that created this website.

Site regularly updates water conditions on the Connecticut River, including providing conditions at swimming access points.

Highly-stylized and comprehensive directory of golf courses worldwide, but just meat and potato facts about the courses, rather than subjective analysis.

Excellent locator of beaches throughout the U.S. with an emphasis on the cleanliness of the water for swimming.

Very thorough examination of Michigan’s golf scene, with other Great Lakes states also covered, as well as outliers like California and Florida. Succinct but informative capsule reviews of an enormous quantity of layouts in these regions.