Golf in Literature

Who are your favorite writers on golf? What’s your favorite book about the game?

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  1. Robert B. March 20, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Even though I couldn’t gain permission to use the cover of his book to illustrate this feature, nothing prevents me from identifying it as the most influential book on golf I’ve read. I speak of Robert Trent Jones Jr.’s “Golf By Design,” which provides keen insight into the construction and design of golf courses from the initial moments of stepping out on to the untouched land through every stage of development. Did you know there are at least a half dozen types of bunkers — all with different purposes? You might. But did you know that one of these purposes is actually benign to the golfer?

    Such revelations as this, as well as the very readable prose style Jones employs, elevate this effort to the level of must-read for anyone who marvels at the diversity of golf-course architecture.

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