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The Yardage Book

CT River Golf The layout of CTRiverGolf comprises three distinct nines — if you’ll allow us a little license – as detailed below. There are occasional variations in the data provided, as we rely on the golf courses as an important revenue source and offer them a range of packages to participate on the site. That said, the courses, which do compensate me for time and travel expenses, have no influence over the reporting, with one exception – they can ask that the report not be published if they feel it reflects poorly on them.

Is there a church / state conflict here? Yes, undeniably. So, you’re not going to see scathing reviews. But I’ve attempted to strike a tone in which my enthusiasms will be easily discerned on the one hand from dutiful reporting, on the other. Those enthusiasms will always be genuine.

Perhaps the most apt analogy I can draw for my business model is that of the portrait artists at court. They would receive a commission from their royal subjects, which wanted likenesses captured for posterity. Western art was made all the richer for this arrangement, as King Phillip of Spain didn’t instantly turn into Robert Redford. I aim to emulate this dynamic so that both reader and subject are served equally well.

So – with that bit of candor out of the way — you’ll find course profiles relying on three distinct sets of information, which I outline below.


  1. City, State, Region

    Location of golf course down to the municipality level.

  2. Green Fee

    Represented by flagsticks, as follows, weighting equally these factors: Weekday, Weekend, Cart, Walking:

    • 1 Flagstick – Under $30
    • 2 Flagsticks – $30 – $50
    • 3 Flagsticks – $51 – $99
    • 4 Flagsticks – $100 – $149
    • 5 Flagsticks – $150 – $199
    • 6 Flagsticks – $200 and above
  3. Year Course Opened for Play

  4. Type of Course

    Park, Public, Semi-Private, Resort, Muni, etc.

  5. Scorecard

    Presented in tabular form, with all tee stations accounted for, along with yardage, slope and course rating.

  6. Detailed Pricing

    Green fees and cart fees presented in full detail

  7. Club Pro

  8. Contact Information

    Includes street address, phone number(s) and website.

  9. Player Rating

    Readers of are invited to provide a 1- through 5-star rating, and leave comments if they choose. We emphasize, almost insist, that these ratings and comments focus on the layout’s merits, rather than any unrelated issues (pace of play, condition, perceived friendliness in the pro shop, etc.)


  1. Terrain

    What is the lay of the land the layout courses through? Hilly? Linksy? Lake-dotted?

  2. Architect

    Whose designs brought the land to life as a golf course?

  3. Snapshots

    Quick-hitting observations about the features which lend particular distinctiveness to a layout.

  4. Pros & Cons

    Might more accurately be named “Endearments & Nitpicks,” except golfers might fatigue of those labels quickly when browsing dozens of profiles in one sitting. Here we candidly provide some reactions to the comforts – or lack thereof – to anticipate during a day on the course. Examples: Water fountain at No. 7 might be the best on the planet or Could use another cooler on each 9.

  5. Thumbnail Picture

    The photo which accompanies both the search listing entry, as well as the basic and full profiles.

  6. Pictures of Individual Holes

    Large, nearly full-screen shots of a course’s more intriguing holes, sometimes taken from multiple perspectives.

  7. Hole Appraisals

    Sometimes lengthy, sometimes snappy captions accompanying the photos described above, employing an analytical, yet chatty prose style.

  8. Multiple Website Links

    In addition to the link connecting to a course’s website, here the golf course may provide three other links for social networks, on-site restaurant, etc.

  9. Banner Picture on Home Page and Where The Hole Are you?

    Large, dramatic picture of one of the course’s most striking perspectives, with links to its profile. Where the Hole Are You? will rotate on a regular basis and challenge readers to identify a hole from a snap shot.

Beyond the Stakes

  1. Driving Range

  2. Lodging

    Does the course offer on-premise accommodations for overnight stays?

  3. Culinary Choices

    Local dining options for before or after the round. The suggestions are derived from either personal experience, or from published reports found in such resources as Zagat, UrbanSpoon and TripAdvisor. Though the range of restaurants can vary from a corner pizzeria to a foodie Valhalla, the quality of the cooking is always highly regarded and never part of a chain.

  4. Local Attractions

    Places worth visiting within driving distance of the course. From historical sites to destinations of topographical intrigue, these are ideas on how to combine worthwhile detours with a day of golf. These suggestions are particularly valued by players who might like to include the family on a day away from home (or the hotel), while still finagling a round of golf.

  5. Splash!

    Here we provide another way to keep the loved ones happy while you duck out for a game, not to mention an activity that many a golfer will relish after a hot day on the links. Whether it’s ocean, gulf and Great Lakes shorelines or swimming holes in state parks or even roadside brooks, we’ve worked to locate places to toss down a beach towel or cool off in refreshing water within a manageable drive from the clubhouse.

  6. Native

    A prominent person who was born in the same location as the course. Think of it as “local boy or girl makes good.”

  7. Brewskies

    As with dining options, particular care has been made to identify purveyors of golf’s favorite beverage (other than Gatorade if you’ve just walked 18!) within a reasonable distance from the course. It might be a pub or a bar or even a brewery with a tap room, but in each case the establishment rates highly among beer connoisseurs for its selection of specialty craft- and microbrews.

  8. Map

    A Google map that will aid golfers in finding the course, including those who might have gotten closed out elsewhere and are seeking a close alternative for a game.

  9. Food Services

    Whether the course offers a simple selection of granola bars from the cart girl, a snack bar at the turn, or a full-service sit-down menu for a relaxing pre- or post-round meal, this segment of the profile lets the golfer know their sustenance options.