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It’s the WHERE THE HOLE ARE YOU? Contest.

Give this hole a good look. It’s located on a layout available to the public golfer. It is somewhere in the six New England states. If you are the first to correctly identify both the hole number and the course, you win!

The contest is open only to registered CTRiverGolf members.

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The Where the Hole Are You Contest Will Resume on April 1, 2017. No foolin’!

Rank Member Name Winning Answers Total Earnings
1  John Mancini  Topstone No. 9, Tallwood No. 12  570
2  PipJones  Lyman Orchards (Player) No. 13, Simsbury Farms No. 3  105

Simply fill in the name of the course, followed by the hole number in the rectangular space below the photo. Then press “Submit.”

Each contest is identified by a number, which is displayed beneath the photo, i.e. Contest #4.

All answers are revealed here, in the order in which they were submitted. We do need to moderate the responses to prevent unwelcome content, so there will typically be a delay in their presentation. When the first correct answer has been received, the winner will be identified on the page, along with the correct answer.

At minimum, $15.

But if no one correctly identifies the photo within 24 hours, soon thereafter another picture will replace it. And then the prize pool increases to $30.

Each day the photo in this spot goes unrecognized, another $15 gets added to the kitty.

After someone does correctly identify the photo, it will be replaced the next day by a different hole. A new contest then begins, with the payoff pattern repeated.

Winners of each contest are identified by their user name and entered on to the leaderboard, which displays a running tally of all winners and their total earnings.

Contestants who have displayed consistent excellence – or perhaps landed just one multi-day jackpot – stand to win additional cash prizes when contest ends on Sept. 20.

If you are among the top 5 overall cash leaders at the conclusion of that day, you’ll receive the following prizes:

1st Place: $250

2nd Place: $150

3rd Place: $75

4th Place: $50

5th Place: $25

The total bonus payouts will not exceed $550. In the event of a tie, the designated cash award will be distributed evenly between winners occupying that spot. For example, if two contestants are tied for first place, each will receive $200 and no 2nd place award will be given out. Similarly, if there is a 5-way tie for first place, the entire bonus pool will be divided evenly, with each winner awarded $110 and no prizes awarded for 2nd through 5th place.



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